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How to troubleshoot the accelerator pedal sensor?

May 07, 2022
The electronic accelerator pedal position sensor is installed inside the accelerator pedal to monitor the position of the accelerator pedal at any time. Its main function is to control the opening of the diesel engine throttle valve, thereby controlling the power output of the diesel engine. When a change in the height position of the accelerator pedal is detected, the information will be instantly sent to the ECU, and the ECU will perform arithmetic processing on the information and the data information from other systems, calculate a control signal, and send it to the servo motor relay through the line. The electric motor drives the throttle actuator, and the data bus is responsible for the communication between the system ECU and other ECUs.
The failure of the accelerator pedal sensor is likely to cause the diesel engine to idle at a high speed (1000/min). The accelerator pedal sensor and its circuit are shown in the figure below.
The common faults and solutions of the accelerator pedal sensor are as follows:
accelerator pedal sensor
Fault type 1: poor contact of the accelerator connector
Reason analysis: not plugged firmly
Processing method: re-plug
Fault type 2: Short circuit and open circuit of the throttle cable
Cause analysis: the wiring rubber is worn or the wiring harness is disconnected
Treatment method: protection