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What are the precautions for the first use of diesel generator sets?

May 07, 2022
Diesel generator sets are often used in transportation, post and telecommunications, petrochemical, metallurgy and other fields as self-provided power supply, backup power supply, alternative power supply, and mobile power supply. The new and overhauled diesel generator sets must be run-in for 60 hours before they can be put into full-load use. This is conducive to improving the working state of each moving part of the diesel engine, and improving the reliability and service life of the diesel engine during operation.
When the diesel generator set (new and overhauled) is put into use for the first time, the following points should be paid attention to:
(l) Before starting:
1. Check the integrity of the whole machine, the tightness of the bolts of each component and whether the pipe joints are loose.
2. For the new engine and the overhauled diesel engine, the oil pollution removal wells should be wiped clean.
3. For new and overhauled diesel engines, manually rotate the crankshaft of the diesel engine for several turns.
4. Add enough qualified fuel to the fuel tank.
5. Add enough qualified brand oil to the diesel engine.
6. Check the density of the battery electrolyte, which should be within the range of 1.29g/cm3.
7. Check whether the fuel injection pump rack is flexible (that is, whether the throttle lever is flexible).
8. Add oil to the fixed fueling point according to daily maintenance.
9. Bleeding of the fuel pipeline: When a new diesel engine or an overhauled diesel engine is used for the first time, the fuel system must be bleed. Otherwise, the diesel engine may not start. After cleaning the fuel tank and changing the diesel filter, the fuel system must also be bleed.
(2) After starting and running for 15-20 minutes. Check and tighten all rubber drive belts.
(3) After running for 20-50h:
1. Replace the oil and oil filter.
2. Check the fastening of the bolts (nuts) of the intake and exhaust pipes and other fasteners.
3. Check the tightness of the joints between the air filter, turbocharger and intake pipe.
4. Check and tighten the fastening bolts of the diesel engine feet.
5. Check the tightness of the oil circuit.