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How to unload the diesel generator set safely after transporting it to the place of use?

July 01, 2022
Users in the purchase of diesel generator sets, the transport and loading and unloading of units are very important links, in transport, manufacturers should take moisture-proof, rain-proof, rust-proof, shock-proof, anti-corrosion and other catch measures according to the different characteristics and requirements of the goods, try to avoid uneven ground transport, do not make the unit tilt more than 30 degrees, if the generator in transit violent vibration may cause a certain impact on diesel generators. To ensure the safety of the unit unloading, users should pay attention to the following matters: 1.
1, unloading with a forklift will be well-packaged diesel generator set after holding the box floor, fork to a smooth ground, in the process prohibit the diesel generator tilt, otherwise there is a risk of falling, resulting in damage to the unit.
2, when the diesel generator fork down, unpacking the generator box. Take out the generator accessories box, confirm that the spare parts are complete, and then take out the generator's foot cup.
3, prepare four pieces of rubber pads as thick, and then fork up the diesel generator set with a forklift, pad the rubber pads prepared in advance.
4, the base of the generator and rubber pad fixed to ensure that the rubber pad will not run out in the diesel generator operation.
5, prepare the water, diesel and oil.
6, the technical staff to commission the unit.