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Several methods to help you quickly determine whether the diesel generator set fuel high-pressure injection pump outlet valve spring is broken

July 01, 2022
The diesel generator fuel high-pressure pump is the interface between the high-pressure and low-pressure fuel lines. Its function is to generate fuel pressure in the common rail tube by controlling the fuel output. Under all working conditions, it is mainly responsible for providing sufficient high pressure fuel to the common rail. The normal operation of the diesel generator set requires the perfect cooperation of all moving parts, recently top Bo power received feedback from users: after the diesel engine start, the oil temperature is above 30 ℃, the water temperature is above 40 ℃, to reach the basic speed, the cylinder has a particularly loud knocking sound, the user suspects that the high pressure injection pump outlet valve spring breakage, for this type of failure phenomenon, it is recommended that the user can make a quick judgment according to the following methods.
1, always keep the diesel generator in the basic speed.
2, with the thumb, index finger and middle finger tip lightly touch the high pressure oil pipe, compared with other cylinders, the oil flow pulse is weak, and the demarcation point is not clear.
3, check this cylinder high-pressure pump oil supply dipstick line position, if it is not consistent with other cylinders, you can artificially make it in the same position. At this time, there is still a large knocking sound.
4, quit the dipstick bar after dumping the cylinder, knocking sound disappeared, but the high pressure oil pipe still has a slight vibration.
5、After dumping the cylinder, use a 27mm wrench to loosen the high-pressure pump and high-pressure fuel pipe joint by half a turn or a turn, and the fuel will be sprayed out regularly.
If the above are consistent, it can be judged that this cylinder outlet valve spring breakage, it is recommended that the user timely replacement, troubleshooting.
Out of the valve is one of the important parts of the diesel generator fuel system, the lower part of the valve is a cross section, both guide, but also through the diesel fuel, out of the valve spring is a one-way valve, under the action of spring pressure, the valve upper cone surface and valve seat with tight fit, its role is to stop supply, the high-pressure oil pipe and the plunger upper cavity isolation, to prevent the oil in the high-pressure oil pipe backflow into the injection pump. The outlet valve spring is commonly used in diesel engines, hydraulic pumps, high-pressure oil pumps and other machinery and equipment, and the inlet and outlet valve assembly is one of the core components of the oil pump, its performance characteristics and reliability have a direct impact on the oil pump. The oil pump in the oil valve spring in the assembly is easy to tilt, resulting in the oil valve spring in the work is easy to break, resulting in the oil pump can not work properly, or even lead to the oil valve spring fracture, and then block the plunger cavity resulting in the coupling jammed, affecting the service life of the oil pump. Therefore, when a failure occurs, the user must correctly judge and replace the damaged parts in time.