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Want to know about marine diesel generator sets?

July 12, 2022
According to different classification characteristics, diesel generator sets can be divided into many kinds, and according to the use of location, diesel generator sets can be roughly divided into land diesel generator sets and marine diesel generator sets, land diesel generator sets believe that we are more common and familiar, and for marine diesel generator sets, many people may not have contact, so this, in order to meet your curiosity, to This article, in order to satisfy your curiosity, to introduce some of the characteristics of the marine diesel generator set, to help you more in-depth and detailed understanding of the marine diesel generator set.
Marine diesel generator sets, as the name implies, is used for ships on the diesel generator, to provide stable and reliable power support for ship navigation, because it is in a relatively special environment, so its performance is also more special.
1. High power medium and low speed diesel engines generally use heavy oil as fuel, while high speed diesel engines mostly use light diesel.
2. Most ship generators use supercharged diesel engines, and small boats mostly use small power non-supercharged diesel engines.
3. Medium and high speed diesel engines drive propellers through gearboxes, and gearboxes are generally equipped with inverted smooth car structure to achieve propeller reversal, but low speed diesel engines and some medium speed diesel engines themselves can be reversed.
4. Generally speaking, land-based diesel generators are not recommended to run for a long time over 80% of the load, while marine main engines work under full load most of the time, and sometimes under variable load.
5. Most of the low-speed diesel engines are two-stroke engines, most of the medium-speed diesel engines are four-stroke engines, while high-speed diesel engines are both.
6. Direct drive propeller, in order to make the propeller have high propulsion efficiency, requires a lower speed.
7. The ship often sails in the bumpy, so the marine diesel engine should work under the condition of longitudinal tilt 15°~25° and transverse tilt 15°~35°.
8. When the required power is large, multiple engines can be used in parallel, and only one main engine can be used to work when sailing at low speed.
9. When two main engines are installed on the same ship, they are divided into left and right engines according to the installation position and propeller steering.