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What are the basic types and arrangements for installing diesel generator sets?

June 30, 2022
Nowadays, with the sharp rise in electricity consumption in various industries, in many cases, there are often electricity tension or power restrictions or power outages, so, in order to deal with the occurrence of these conditions, to ensure that enterprises can permanently have a stable and reliable and continuous power security, many companies have chosen diesel generators as a backup power supply, in case of emergency, then, how to choose a diesel generator? What are the basic types and arrangements for installing diesel generator sets? Today, to tell you about this aspect, diesel generators can be divided into different categories according to the way and place of installation, such as
Mobile trailer diesel generator equipment for field work construction site program or project; factories, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, or quiet diesel generators working in densely populated areas; or standby diesel generators for construction, industrial parks, etc. While these requirements may be varied, it can be said that there are three basic variables that will ultimately describe the type of diesel generator installation.
First, the required mobility of the diesel generator or the generator that will be installed in a fixed location and will never be moved again, or the generator that will be used in a different location?
Secondly, its isolation from the environment. Will the generator be installed in a building or outdoors?
Finally, the noise requirements of the installation environment. Is it critical to maintain low decibel levels, or is there no limit on the volume issue?
Once these questions are answered, we can choose the type of diesel generator that best suits our project requirements.
Basic Types of Diesel Generator Installations
Although unlimited personalization options exist, there are 3 types of installations based on the parameters mentioned above
1. Open fixed installation diesel generators
This type of installation is suitable for projects where the diesel generator is installed in a building and does not need to be moved once installed. Therefore, this type of diesel generator does not require any enclosure to protect it from bad weather and does not require any moving equipment. Generally, the diesel generator will be mounted on a concrete slab (with or without an integrated fuel tank) and will be able to maintain the static mechanical requirements as well as the vibration that the generator will be able to withstand throughout its service life.
2. Stationary Quiet Box Unit
When the diesel generator is exposed to harsh weather conditions and in scenarios where the surrounding area does not allow the generator to make excessive noise, the diesel generator must be silent and the noise it produces must be low. The diesel generator is enclosed in a steel cabinet to protect it from bad weather. The interior of the cabinet is covered with soundproof material that reduces the noise level emitted. Therefore, this type of installation is suitable for applications where noise is a critical factor.
3. Mobile trailer silent box diesel generator
This is the type of generator usually seen in temporary installations (events, film shoots, field work, etc.). The distinguishing feature is that this type of generator must have the possibility of being transported to the place where the power is needed; therefore, it will be mounted on a trailer. The mobile trailer silent box diesel generator is placed on some special anti-vibration dampers, able to withstand the shear stress (or lateral deformation) that may occur during the cycle: braking, acceleration or bumps, among other factors. In this way, it is possible to manage to protect the whole (engine-alternator set) and to ensure the functionality and durability of the generator.