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What is an electronically controlled H pump + EGR diesel engine?

May 17, 2022
With the continuous improvement of science and technology, human beings are paying more and more attention to their own living environment, and environmental protection has increasingly become the focus of the government and the public. Low-temperature combustion (LTC), a new mode of diesel engine combustion, is highly praised by researchers because it can simultaneously achieve low NOx and Soot emissions.
EGR diesel engine refers to a diesel engine with a simple electronically controlled fuel injection pump plus an ECR system and an emission index that can meet the national III emission standard based on the China National II mechanical pump by using an electromagnet to control the rack and outlet valve of the mechanical pump. The accurate statement is "in-line pump + EGR" diesel engine. A brief introduction is as follows:
Electronically cooled EGR system. EGR technology is to introduce part of the exhaust gas and fresh air from the diesel engine exhaust into the diesel engine cylinder to participate in combustion, which not only reduces the combustion temperature in the cylinder, but also effectively controls the generation of NOx under high temperature and oxygen-enriched conditions, thereby greatly reducing the diesel engine. NOx content in exhaust gas. The EGR system adopted by Sinotruk is controlled by the diesel engine ECU. EEGR senses various diesel engine conditions through the intake air temperature sensor, intake pressure sensor, coolant temperature sensor, diesel engine speed sensor, accelerator sensor and vehicle braking signal. state, thereby controlling the opening of the EGR control valve and the exhaust gas recirculation ratio.
The H pump can achieve a high injection pressure of up to 120MPa at the pump end and 148MPa at the nozzle end. With the multi-hole injector, it can fully meet the requirements of particle emission country III. The H pump has a pre-stroke electronically adjustable structure, and its fuel supply pre-stroke can be adjusted by ECU program control within a certain range. A control sliding sleeve is installed on the plunger of the plunger pair, the sliding sleeve can move up and down along the working surface of the plunger, and the pre-stroke can be changed according to the needs of different working conditions of the diesel engine.