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What are the precautions for the use of electronically controlled diesel engines?

May 17, 2022
The electronically controlled diesel engine can replace the complicated manual start operation with the best program, which makes the diesel engine start easier at low temperature. At the same time, it can accurately control the fuel injection within the proper range of no smoke limit, and adjust the injection according to the working conditions of the diesel engine. At the moment of oil, it can resist the emission of nitrogen oxides and smoke. In addition, it is beneficial to the operation stability of the diesel engine, as well as the power and economy.
Users should pay attention to the following two aspects when using electronically controlled diesel engines:
1) Go to a regular gas station to refill clean fuel that meets the standard, otherwise the impurities in the fuel will cause blockage or damage to the precise components (expensive) of the diesel fuel supply system, resulting in unnecessary losses.
Electronically controlled diesel engine
2) When the diesel engine is running, the diesel pressure in the common rail fuel system reaches 160.0-200.0MPa, and random disassembly may cause harm to the human body.