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What is the problem of burning oil in the diesel generator set that I just bought? How can users solve the burning oil phenomenon?

June 27, 2022
Diesel generator burning oil is the oil and mixture together into the engine combustion chamber for the role, at this time the unit will smoke, while wear and tear will also increase, if the diesel generator serious burning oil, but also cause excessive oil consumption, serious carbon, emissions aggravated, diesel engine power down and many other adverse effects, so users must pay attention to, some users will find that they just bought a short time diesel Generator set will also appear to burn oil phenomenon, what is going on?
Failure analysis.
Generally caused by the new machine burning oil is mainly due to the operator's improper use and maintenance of diesel generator sets. New into the diesel generator set in addition to the full load before the road must be long enough to break-in period (generally 60h), during which the user should be seriously in accordance with the diesel generator set instructions for break-in, otherwise there may be diesel engine oil burning failure phenomenon.
Failure causes.
The new diesel generator set after a period of break-in, there will be a lot of metal shavings and metal particles in the oil. If these metal chips and metal particles are not removed in time, it will affect the lubrication of the moving parts. If the metal chips and other splashes between the piston rings, it will cause the diesel generator to pull the cylinder and make the diesel generator burn oil.
Troubleshooting methods.
1, the new diesel generator set must work within 100h to drain the oil, and then replace the clean new oil, or drain the oil after sedimentation and then use.
2, before starting the diesel generator set, be sure to use a flat screwdriver on the flywheel of the diesel generator set for disking. Diesel generator set flywheel disc moving two turns, to complete an oil cycle, in winter more to disc a few turns, and then start the diesel generator set.
3, just start the diesel generator set, to rotate at low speed for about 5min before you can increase the speed, the 5min of movement time is mainly for the moving parts for adequate lubrication, the whole diesel generator set to warm up.
4, diesel generator set burning oil is serious, the user can set the cylinder head, piston rod assembly, etc. disassembly, observe the cylinder liner, piston ring damage, such as serious damage can be replaced.
Diesel generator sets burn oil phenomenon is very damaging to the unit, the user in the daily to do a good job of preventive measures, such as: the use of quality oil, regular removal of carbon units, etc., can effectively avoid the unit burn oil failure, in order to maintain the stability of diesel generator set performance.