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Diesel generator set maintenance when removing and installing the crankshaft operation steps

June 27, 2022
In the maintenance of diesel generator sets, the removal and installation of the crankshaft is an important part of the process, so how to install the crankshaft? How to disassemble? What to pay attention to? Are you clear about all these? I believe that many users are still confused and not clear, then this top Bo power to introduce you to the diesel generator set maintenance when disassembling and installing the crankshaft operation steps.
A, the crankshaft removal steps
1, according to the two sides to the center in several evenly symmetrical loosening of the main bearing cover bolts.
2, using the removed main bearing cover bolts, pry back and forth and remove the main bearing cover and the lower thrust spacer (only at the No. 3 main bearing cover).
Warm reminder: To ensure that each channel bearing and bearing cover can be paired, place the main bearing cover and lower thrust shim in order when disassembling.
3、Lift out the crankshaft and remove the upper bearing and upper thrust shim from the cylinder block.
4、Check each main bearing and journal for scratches and pockmarks, if they are minor, they can be treated simply.
5、Place the disassembled crankshaft flywheel group parts in order.
Second, the crankshaft installation steps
1, the clean cylinder block upside down on the workbench and blow clean with compressed air, the cylinder block and crankshaft on the oil channel to blow through repeatedly with compressed air blow clean.
2、Install each bearing on the crankshaft in order.
Warmly remind: the upper bearing has oil hole and oil groove.
3、Align the bearing projection and the groove of cylinder block, install 5 upper bearings in order; align the bearing projection and the groove of main bearing cover, install 5 lower bearings in order.
4、Install the crankshaft thrust shim. First, install two upper thrust pads in the cylinder block at the No.3 journal position, with the oil groove side facing outward to put the crankshaft on the cylinder block, and then install two lower thrust pads in the No.3 bearing cover, with the oil groove side facing outward.
5, install the crankshaft main bearing cover. Install the 5 main bearing caps in order. In the main bearing cover bolt threads and bolt head below a thin layer of oil, according to the middle to both sides of the symmetrical tightening of the 10 main bearing cover bolts evenly, the torque is 60N.m..
Diesel generator set maintenance, each step should be rigorous and careful, about the disassembly and installation of the crankshaft, can be referred to the above introduction.