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Which brand of silent generator is more cost-effective?

May 17, 2022
Silent generator, also known as low noise generator, is composed of silent cover, diesel engine, generator, control system, oil storage and oil supply system, intake noise reduction system, exhaust noise reduction, power switch and cable interface. . When the silent generator is running, its noise index is much lower than that of the ordinary generator set, so the silent generator set is mostly suitable for industries and places with strict noise requirements, such as banks, supermarkets, hospitals, theaters, schools, high-end communities, etc.
Cost-effective silent generators generally have the following characteristics:
1. Low noise, compact overall structure and small footprint.
2. The boxes are all detachable structures.
3. The box body is made of steel plates, and the surface is coated with high-performance anti-rust paint.
4. It has the functions of noise reduction and rain protection. The box adopts a multi-layer barrier impedance mismatch muffler structure and a built-in large impedance muffler.
5. The structure of the box is reasonable in design. There is a large-capacity fuel tank inside the box, and there are two inspection doors on the left and right sides at the same time, which is convenient for the maintenance of the unit.
6. At the same time, there is an observation window and an emergency stop fault button on the box to observe the operation of the silent generator, and stop at the fastest speed in emergency.
Diesel generators are divided into foreign brands and domestic brands according to the diesel engine brand. For the generator set of the same power, the price of foreign brand diesel generators is higher than that of domestic brands of the same brand. The higher the power, the higher the price of diesel generators. JUNVOCH recommends that users choose the most cost-effective generator according to the number and power of electrical equipment, the operating environment of the generator, budget, etc. when purchasing a silent generator.