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6 reasons for diesel generator sets to burn oil

June 24, 2022
Diesel generator set "burning oil" refers to the lubrication system of the unit in the lubricant fled into the cylinder to participate in the combustion, burning oil will not only cause an increase in oil consumption of the unit, but also sell to the oil combustion is not sufficient, over time will cause a lot of carbon, affecting the dynamics of the unit, so when we find the diesel generator set burning oil When we find the diesel generator set burning oil must be dealt with in a timely manner, the following top Bo power for you to introduce the 6 reasons for diesel generator set burning oil.
1, too much oil in the oil sump
Some users due to the dipstick inserted into the wrong, failed to seat to the bottom, resulting in the measured oil level than the actual oil level is low, and therefore add new oil, making the oil level is too high. If high to the bottom of the connecting rod of the pressure-lubricated engine touches the oil surface, or the oil ring of the splash-lubricated engine is dipped too deep into the oil pool, it will lead to excess oil dumped to the cylinder wall and enter the combustion chamber.
2, the piston ring size is not suitable
If the piston ring of unsuitable size is chosen, it is easy to cause oil tampering phenomenon. Different types of engines, different working conditions, need a variety of different special design and manufacture of piston ring set. Each type of piston ring set, for a particular purpose and system, if used in the wrong place, it is impossible to control the engine oil consumption.
3、Use unclean engine oil
Not according to the oil change cycle, improper maintenance of the oil filter will make the oil dirty, making the oil clogged piston, piston ring, resulting in increased oil consumption, unclean oil will also cause increased wear of bearings, cylinders, pistons, piston rings.
4, piston ring wear or fracture
If the piston ring fracture or excessive wear, resulting in compressive stress and clearance can not be maintained, it will be in the suction stroke will be excessive oil into the combustion chamber, the combustion gas along the piston down the work stroke. Both back to cause the piston, cylinder wall, piston ring at the oil burning, carbonization.
5, oil pressure is too high
Diesel generator set incorrect oil pressure setting will cause the oil pressure is too high, resulting in the engine is too much oil infiltration, as bearing wear results.
6, piston ring jammed
Piston ring stuck after burning engine oil, when the piston ring stuck in the ring groove, the piston ring loses elasticity, sealing becomes poor, not only in the piston up to bring a large dose of engine oil in the combustion chamber, and in the piston work when a large dose of high-pressure gas into the crankcase, so that the crankcase pressure increases, splashing engine oil through the crankcase ventilation device into the air intake, so that the engine oil and air into the combustion chamber combustion When the crankcase ventilator is found, the engine oil and air enter the combustion chamber. When the crankcase ventilator is found to be serious air fugitive, mostly due to piston ring seizure, should be immediately excluded.
The above is a diesel generator set burned oil for several reasons, diesel engine burned a small amount of engine oil, power will not be reduced, but this is the early phenomenon of diesel engine wear, must lead to enough attention, and take appropriate measures. Otherwise the development to a large dose of burning engine oil and then deal with, most can only implement major repairs, causing unnecessary economic losses to users.