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Diesel generator set high water temperature fault solution

July 27, 2022
Diesel generator sets present high water temperature alarm, shutdown and other phenomena, this situation in the summer meet more, generally due to the summer diesel generator set operating environment temperature is too high, causing the cooling water temperature is too high and automatic protection shutdown, may also be due to unit overload, water temperature sensor damage and other reasons, the following generator set rental manufacturers Yatong give you a brief analysis.
1, check whether the unit is overloaded.
2, check the tightness of the fan belt.
3, after the unit is completely cooled, check whether the water level of cooling water is sufficient.
4、Check whether the water temperature sensor is damaged.
5. Check whether the water temperature sensor switching alarm is correct.
6、Check whether the temperature control valve can be opened correctly.
7、Check whether the clearance between the water pump and the water tank is correct.
8、Confirm that the temperature in the machine room is not higher than 40℃.