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What to pay attention to when using generator rental

July 27, 2022
In our life often use to the generator, but because of the generator is larger so many people choose to rent a generator, then the generator in the rental use should pay attention to what problems?
① when the car is ready, the injectors of each cylinder should be manually pumped, generator rental to prevent the injectors in the beginning of use because of the lack of fuel lubrication caused by dry wear, a long time so will cause excessive wear of the injector coupling, accelerate the aging of the injector, shorten the service life.
② after long-term disuse or overhaul, before use must pay attention to the injection equipment, including injectors to bleed, to prevent air in the injection equipment, so that the cylinder load imbalance, resulting in some cylinder load is too high, and the rotation of the crankshaft is also unstable.
③ The correct operation of the single cylinder oil stop. A cylinder problem is the need for single-cylinder oil stop, in charge of the equipment of the turbine operator to pay attention to the correct operation, because stop this cylinder oil supply means that the cylinder of the injection equipment without fuel lubrication. Strictly prevent dry wear.
④ Disassembly and assembly. Injector working conditions are harsh and often problematic, the operator in charge of the equipment needs to be familiar with how to properly disassemble and assemble the injector, the correct adjustment of the injector inspired pressure. Because the structure of the injector differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is necessary to look specifically at the corresponding instruction manuals for different manufacturers' injectors.
⑤ Injector needle method of grinding. After disassembly and inspection of the generator set injector, if the needle valve is found to have excessive wear on the column surface, it needs to be replaced with a new product, and once the needle valve is found to have a worn cone surface that does not close properly, the needle valve can be repaired by grinding. In the grinding process, pay attention to the correct use of grinding paste and grinding techniques to prevent "the more research the more dense".