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Analysis of the treatment of unstable generator voltage

July 27, 2022
  Diesel generator set voltage instability causes.
  1, the wire wiring part of the loose check the diesel generator set each connection part, and with repair.
  2, the control panel voltage - current selection switch failed to replace the diesel generator set switch.
  3, the control panel voltage adjustment resistor failed to replace the voltage regulator resistor.
  4, the failure of the voltage table, display voltage instability replace the new voltage table.
  5, the voltage regulator is bad or not adjusted regulator carefully check whether the voltage regulator is bad or not adjusted in place. Instantly replace or adjust.
  6, may be diesel generator set running vibration caused by excessive instant check whether the generator set shock pad damage or unbalance the unit.
  7, may be the engine speed instability caused by unstable voltage adjustment or change the diesel fuel system parts to make its speed stable.
      Motor output voltage is unstable solution.
  1, check the connection parts of the generator set, and with the repair.
  2, the generator set to replace the switch.
  3, replace the voltage regulator resistor.
  4, change the voltmeter.
  5, check the regulator.
  6, check the generator set shock absorbing equipment.
  7, adjust or replace the engine fuel system parts to make its speed stable.
  Can also adjust the voltage of the generator set through the automatic voltage regulator. Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is one of the important parts of the generator, its role is to control the generator output voltage within the specified range, in the generator speed changes, automatic control of generator voltage to maintain a constant, so that it does not burn the generator speed high when the voltage is too high, and will not be due to the generator speed is low and the voltage is not enough to cause the appliances to work out of order.