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Show you how to properly install the generator

July 27, 2022
        Generator is an indispensable piece of equipment, the generator is very wide, not only can bring people electricity, and can solve the urgent matters, and in some places without electricity, especially some construction sites, the generator can be a good supply of electricity, then how should the correct equipment generator? Here let the rental generator manufacturers take us to understand it.
  Rent a generator rent a generator manufacturers to take you to understand the correct equipment generator skills.
  1, the generator equipment location should be outstanding ventilation, the generator end has a satisfactory air intake, the diesel engine end has an outstanding air outlet. Outlet area should be more than 1.5 times larger than the tank area.
  2, generator equipment around the site should be kept clean, do not corrosive gases and vapors (such as acid and alkali) may occur in the vicinity of the goods. If the conditions promise, should supply rescue equipment.
  3, if the generator is used indoors, the exhaust pipe must lead to the outdoors, the diameter of the pipe must be the diameter of the silencer exhaust pipe. The elbow connecting the pipe should not exceed three to ensure smooth exhaust, the pipe should be inclined downward 5-10 degrees to avoid rainwater injection; if the exhaust pipe is vertically upward equipment, please be sure to equipment a rain cover.
  4, when the equipment generator, use the level meter to measure its level, in order to fix the unit on the level of the base. Between the unit and the foundation, there should be a special anti-vibration pad or foot bolt.
  5, the housing of the generator set must have a solid protective grounding. On the need for direct neutral grounding of the generator, must be grounded by professionals, and equipped with lightning protection equipment. Prohibit the use of utility grounding equipment for direct neutral grounding.
  6, the generator and commercial power supply between the two-way switch must be very secure, in order to avoid reverse power transmission. Two-way switch wiring reliability needs to pass the local power supply department to check and agree.
  7, the wiring of the generator start battery must be firm.