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Diesel generator intercooler role and cleaning methods

July 29, 2022
A diesel generator intercooler consists of a shell and an inner core. The intercooler shell acts as part of the diesel generator intake manifold, and the inner core is made of tubes in which the engine coolant circulates. The air is cooled by flowing through the core before entering the combustion chamber of the diesel generator. In this way, the inlet air temperature (cooling) of the diesel generator is better controlled due to the application of the intercooler, thus improving the combustion condition of the diesel generator.
The intercooler is an important part of the supercharged engine. The role of the intercooler is to make the air through the supercharger first into the cooling process, to maintain a stable temperature and pressure of the charge air into the cylinder combustion. Most of them are installed in front of the radiator of the water tank, the appearance and structure also have a lot in common with the water tank.
Diesel generator intercooler is used to cool the charge air and reduce the temperature of the charge air after boosting. The temperature drop of the booster air in the diesel generator intercooler is generally 25~60℃. On the one hand, it can improve the inflation density, on the other hand, it can also reduce the cylinder temperature at the end of the intake and the average temperature of the whole cycle. Supercharged diesel engines for power generation generally use the "water-cooled intercooler".
After the turbocharger and intercooler are installed, the lubricating oil circuit and cooling water circuit of the diesel generator are also changed accordingly to meet the needs of boosting and intercooling.
Diesel generator intercooler internal piping often with sludge, gum and other dirty things, not only cause air flow channel narrowing, and cooling heat exchange capacity is weakened, must be maintained and cleaned. Generally every year or engine overhaul, welding repair water tank at the same time, the internal intercooler should be cleaned and inspected.
When the diesel engine to high-speed acceleration, the exhaust pipe has part of the black smoke discharge, idle speed when there is a slight sound of air leakage should be noted, check the source of air leakage, the original is the intercooler intake hose (supercharger intercooler) cracked, causing air leakage, especially in high-speed operation, from the supercharger out of a large amount of high-pressure gas from the hose crack leakage, room into the cylinder air volume reduced, affecting the power output of the diesel engine. Cause bad acceleration in high speed.
Cleaning method: the water solution containing 2x Tun alkali (temperature should be in 70-80C) into the intercooler, fill, wait 15 minutes, see if the intercooler has water leaks. If there should be disassembled, welding repair (the same as repairing the water tank); if there is no water leakage, shaking back and forth, repeated several times, the wash will be poured out, and then filled with a clean water solution containing 2% soda ash for flushing, until cleaner, and then filled with clean hot water (80 a 90C) cleaning, until the release of water clean.
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