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Main classification of diesel generator types

July 29, 2022
For the main classification points of diesel generator types of this issue, diesel generators are commonly used in our daily life power generation equipment, with sustainable, green, pollution-free, inexpensive characteristics. There are many types of diesel generators, and their main classification is as follows.
Classified by market brand. The market plays a decisive role in the overall allocation of resources. And the brand is also a decisive force in determining the customer's desire to buy. According to the brand is mainly divided into domestic diesel generators and imported diesel generators, according to the actual demand, generally most of them choose inexpensive diesel generators, domestic diesel generators, with a wide mass base.
According to the different classification of speed. According to its different speed can be divided into low-speed diesel generators and high-speed diesel generators, low-speed diesel generators are mainly used mainly for household needs, such as simple lighting, etc. High-speed diesel generators are mainly used in the field environment harsh construction projects, such as construction needs and even operations, simple, convenient and fast.
Classification by use. According to its use can be divided into land diesel generators and marine diesel generators, a land, an ocean, whether to meet the basic life of people or sea operations, can provide a constant source of energy and power.