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Analysis of the installation of generator sets

August 02, 2022
Generator sets are sophisticated power generation equipment, both the installation of the equipment and the use afterwards need to be implemented in accordance with the code of practice to avoid undesirable problems.
1, the installation site needs to be well ventilated, the generator set in the generator end of the air inlet is good, the diesel engine end of the air outlet is good. Diesel engine outlet area should be greater than the tank area of more than 1.5 times.
2, the installation should be kept clean around, near to avoid placing acid, alkaline and other corrosive gases or steam items. If there are conditions, can be equipped with fire extinguishing devices.
3, indoor use, the generator set exhaust pipe must be led to the outdoors, the diameter of the pipe must be greater than the diameter of the silencer pipe, the pipe should be downward sloping 5-10 degrees, to avoid rainwater injection, corrosion of the pipe. If the exhaust pipe is installed vertically up, it must be installed with rainproof devices (Huali mechanical and electrical reminders: the elbow of the pipeline should not exceed 3, to ensure that the generator exhaust smoke flow).
4, if the fixed platform for concrete, the generator set in the installation must be used to measure the level of the fixed platform level, so that the generator set fixed in a horizontal position. Between the generator set and the fixed table should be installed with a special anti-vibration pad or foot bolt.
5, the generator set shell must have a reliable grounding protection, neutral point directly grounded generator, must be installed by a professional neutral grounding operation.
6, the generator set and utility common use, the generator and utility wiring reliability of the two-way switch needs to be tested and approved by the local power supply department, to prevent backward power supply.