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Analysis of generator booster system maintenance methods

August 02, 2022
With the increasing demand for electricity, the generator rental industry has developed rapidly, and many companies and individuals either buy or rent their own generator equipment to ensure sufficient power energy. But the generator set is, after all, equipment, in order to ensure safety, the user must understand the relevant knowledge of equipment operation, necessary from time to time.
Generator booster system maintenance methods
A generator set is composed of many systems. For example: cooling system, fuel system, lubrication system, booster system and so on. Different systems have different roles, only a complete set of systems can then ensure the regular operation of the generator set rental. Booster system, as the name implies, is to increase the pressure, the pressure into power. Let's talk about how to maintain the booster system for generator set rental.
Generator set rental due to long storage, so that the oil solidification, and even fall on the dust. This dirty and solidified oil has not played a role in lubrication, is to replace the oil again. Generally speaking, generator sets for rent after more than seven days out of service, the first time before starting must be filled with clean oil through the supercharger into the oil pipe on the supercharger to ensure that together with the movement, the supercharger bearings can be lubricated.
If there is a leak, the pressure will be insufficient. Therefore, the focus of maintenance inspection of the supercharger system is on whether there is an air leak. The cause of an air leak may be due to a leak caused by a poorly articulated supercharger and inlet pipe. If an air leak occurs, then the efficiency of the supercharger will be greatly reduced. This will cause the exhaust temperature of the generator set rental to rise sharply, which will damage the valve and the supercharger. If the intake piping leaks, it will cause severe wear and tear or engine failure.