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What you need to know before renting a generator and details

August 02, 2022
Generators may not be very familiar, it is actually based on different energy sources to convert electrical energy, bringing great convenience to people's lives, at the same time, has become widely popular in foreign countries, every household will have such generators as temporary power generation equipment, so we know what needs to be checked before renting generators, and how to maintain these problems afterwards?
Matters that need to be checked before renting generators
1, to confirm that all places hanging grounding wire, short routes, signage, scaffolding and other safety facilities have been removed, permanent fence warning signs have been restored.
2、Check that the neutral grounding cabinet of the power generator is complete and meets the operating conditions. Put in the power generator export closed busbar cooling device.
3、Check the integrity of the power generator export PT cabinet circuit.
4、Confirm that the motor insulation of the generator, exciter, oil pipe flange and various auxiliary equipment is good.
5、Confirm that the generator set export switch and the generator excitation switch pull-close test is normal.
6、Check that the large shaft grounding carbon brush device of the power generator rental equipment is in good contact.
7, make sure the tram rotor excitation circuit, the main exciter excitation circuit grounding monitoring device action is normal.
8、Check that the air seal of the small chamber of the exciter is intact and ensure that the door of the small chamber is closed.
9、Check that the grounding wire of the AC exciter and exciter payer is intact and that all the work of the electrical circuit is finished and meets the operating conditions.
10、Put in the main transformer and high-voltage plant transformer cooling device, and check the relevant system to confirm normal.