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How to Start a Diesel Generator Set and the Reasons Why It Cannot Stop Automatically

August 04, 2022
A, Cummins diesel generator set start method
Power start
The method is to turn on the power first, twist the key, press the start button, when the machine starts successfully, press the emergency stop button to stop, turn off the key alarm.
Key start
First turn the key in clockwise direction, release the key after the machine starts normally, then press the module "menu" button to enter the module settings, enter the password "0318" as prompted, enter the "up" "down" key to confirm, check the oil pressure, water temperature indicators are normal, confirm normal after the "lift" speed switch rotate to the full speed direction, when the frequency rises to between 51.5-52HZ, indicating that it has reached Reach the highest speed, then all indicators are normal that the machine is running well, performance debugging success. When running for a period of time to determine the need to stop, the operator of the unit will first slowly rotate the "speed up" knob to the idle direction, the unit will slowly reduce the speed, and when the value returns to the factory-set position, only then can press the "emergency stop" button to stop.
For the unit equipped with preheater, before starting, the personnel can decide whether to preheat the unit according to the ambient temperature, and the control panel with preheat button can control the engine to start heating to achieve the purpose of preheating.
Power on
Turn the control panel key switch from OFF to ON position, and observe that the background light of the instrument on the panel is on, which means the control panel is powered on, and the fuel of the unit is on, and the controller of the unit with electronic speed control or EFI is also in working condition. Start. Some units have an idle/full speed switch on the control panel, so users can choose whether to start at idle speed or start at full speed at once according to actual needs. Usually, the idling time should not exceed 5 minutes, and the unit should not run at idling speed for a long time. Press the start button for a maximum duration of 30 seconds, the engine will start under the drive of the starter motor, once the start is successful, the start button can be released and the unit will enter into operation.
However, in order to prolong the service life of the starter battery and starter motor, it is appropriate to control the time of starting the unit for 5-10 seconds at a time. If a start is not successful, you can pause for a corresponding period of time before the second start procedure.
Second, Cummins diesel generator set can not automatically stop the cause
First of all, you can use a multimeter to measure the Cummins diesel generator set shutdown relay working voltage, compared to the normal voltage, if the relay still does not act, then you need to replace the relay. Then no-load test, the unit runs normally; In addition, you can also use a multimeter to measure the working voltage of the diesel engine shutdown solenoid valve, compared to the normal voltage, resistance, which determines that the solenoid valve is too dirty, resulting in automatic shutdown of the diesel engine, the solenoid valve can not shut off the fuel in time, part of the fuel into the injector to let the Cummins diesel generator idle. At this point must be disconnected from the DC positive power line, remove the solenoid valve cleaning, and adjust the piece of tension, and then no-load test, the unit runs normally.
1, manual shutdown Cummins diesel generator set, directly to the universal transfer switch from the 3-point direction to 12-point direction, which is Cummins diesel generator set shutdown;
2, open the low-voltage distribution cabinet, the upper switch for the power switch, the lower for the lighting switch, there is a small triangle in the left side of the lighting switch, the operator to wear insulated gloves, turn up the triangle wheel, to hear the sound that has been closed to send power;
Users need to pay attention, close the cabinet door, the generator from the manual state to the automatic state, resume production. If the Cummins diesel generator set shutdown solenoid valve out of control, then you can check whether the wiring is correct, if necessary, replace the solenoid valve can be solved. Cummins diesel generator set can not stop, is likely to burn oil or throttle stuck, the turbine can not stop because the guide leaf (needle) leakage is too large.
Another possibility is that the grid-connected unit is not really unlisted, by the grid back dragging, of course, can not stop.
Cummins diesel generator set can not automatically stop when you must disconnect the DC positive power line, remove the solenoid valve cleaning, and adjust the reed tension, and then no-load test, the unit can run normally. The above is my analysis.