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Incorrect Operation of Diesel Generators

August 04, 2022
Wrong operation 1: machine over speed, overload driving such as diesel generators seriously over speed, overload driving. Easy to cause rough work, the diesel engine will be operating under excessive load, too high speed work. Cylinder liner, piston, connecting rod, etc. bear the thermal load and mechanical load increased, prone to cylinder pulling, burning tile and other failures. Often overload running diesel generator, resulting in a long period of rough combustion in the cylinder, easy to damage the cylinder gasket.
Wrong operation 2: oil pressure is too low to run the oil pressure is too low. The lubrication parts do not get sufficient oil. Therefore, then the lubrication system can not carry out normal oil circulation and pressure lubrication. Diesel generator in the process of driving, pay attention to observe the oil pressure gauge or oil pressure indicator situation. If you find that the oil pressure is lower than the specified pressure, stop the operation of the diesel generator immediately and continue to drive after troubleshooting.
Wrong operation 3: cooling water and oil oil temperature is too low state running diesel engine work process. Cylinder wall temperature then fell, the cooling water temperature is too low. Combustion occurs in the water vapor condensation into water droplets, and exhaust gas contact to generate acid, attached to the cylinder wall, corrosion and wear occurs.
Practice has proved that the diesel generator temporary in the cooling water temperature is lower state operation, the piston and the cylinder liner clearance, has occurred knock cylinder phenomenon, and vibration, so that the cylinder liner cavity corrosion. Oil temperature is too low, oil viscosity, poor fluidity, insufficient oil lubrication parts, so that the lubrication becomes poor, resulting in increased friction wear, shorten the service life of diesel diesel generator.
Wrong operation 4: temporary idling diesel generator idle speed. Piston top oil injection cooling effect is poor, low lubricant pressure. Cause a sharp increase in wear, easy to pull the cylinder; can also cause poor atomization, incomplete combustion, serious carbon, and sometimes even lead to valve and piston ring seizure, cylinder liner cavity corrosion.
Wrong operation 5: diesel generator temperature is too high when suddenly add cooling water if the diesel engine water shortage in the case of overheating suddenly add cooling water. Diesel generator temperature is too high should be removed from the load, will make the cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block, etc. due to the hot and cold intense changes and cracks. Therefore. Slightly increase the speed, wait for the water temperature to drop after the diesel engine off, the water radiator cover unscrewed, to exclude water vapor.