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Brief description of diesel generator set injection pump and governor disassembly and inspection

June 28, 2022
After the disassembly of the injection pump and governor, all parts need to be cleaned and inspected, and the contents and methods are as follows.
(1) the plunger coupling sliding test and diameter sealing test.
The so-called sliding test is the plunger coupling is tilted 45 degrees, pull out the plunger with the cylindrical surface of about 1/3, and the plunger rotate a little, let go of the Du plugs can slide down on their own without hindrance that is qualified.
Plunger coupling diameter sealing test should generally be carried out on the sealing test bench. For the sake of convenience, the user can also use the simple seal comparison method. First of all, make the plunger slanting groove use section aligned with the location of the oil return hole, and then block the plunger sleeve finger large end hole and another into the oil hole, and then slowly advance the letter plugs, when the plunger end surface to reach the oil return hole on the edge (that is, the cover did not oil hole) when observing the oil return hole. There should be no oil froth and bubbles, does not meet the requirements for failure.
Plunger coupling after long-term use, the surface has serious wear, oblique groove and straight groove flaking or rust should be replaced, the upper end surface of the plunger sleeve, such as rust, available chromium oxide grinding paste on the plate gently grinding repair.
(2) Check whether there are scars, concave and wear on the sealing cone surface of the outlet valve and the outlet valve seat, and the minor ones can be repaired. Firstly, apply alumina grinding paste on the cone surface and rotate and grind it back and forth until a good seal is achieved. Severe cases should be replaced. The oil valve coupling nylon gasket should also be replaced when it is seriously deformed.
(3) check the injection pump body installation plunger coupling scapular plane whether there is a depression deformation, such as unevenness will affect the verticality of the plunger sleeve installation and the sealing of the scapular fitting surface, causing poor sliding plunger and fuel leakage
(4) Check the wear of the roller body hole and camshaft cam of the injection pump body and decide whether to continue using or replace them depending on the severity.
(5) The flying iron foot and the flying iron pin hole should be replaced if they are seriously worn, and the difference in weight between the two flying irons should not exceed lg after replacement.
(6)The rest of the parts should be replaced if they are severely worn, defective, broken, etc.