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Diesel generator set valve seat loose after the rapid repair method

June 24, 2022
Diesel generator set valve seat is in the cylinder block or cylinder head machined out of some round surface, valve cone seal or seat on the valve seat, valve seat for the intake valve and exhaust valve provides a sealing surface, can prevent gas leakage, but also help to dissipate the heat gathered on the valve, is an important structure in the diesel generator set, when the valve seat is loose, it will affect its normal role, at this time the user to timely Repair.
Valve seat loose after the quick repair method is: phosphoric acid - copper oxide inorganic adhesive for bonding.
A. Clean up the joint surface. Thoroughly remove the diesel generator set seat ring hole and seat ring on the carbon and dirt, and then use a scraper and coarse sand cloth to scrape the joint surface, polish clean, and form a certain degree of roughness. Then use degreasing cotton dipped in acetone or trichloroethylene or banana water solvent to wipe away the oil stains on the joint surface.
Second, glue making. Solid powdered copper oxide and liquid phosphoric acid according to 1ml of phosphoric acid solution plus 3.5 ~ 4.5g of copper oxide powder (appropriate to add more in winter) ratio of mixing, first pour the copper oxide powder on the copper bonding plate, and then add some phosphoric acid, stirring with a bamboo blade, and then stirring while adding solution until it can be pulled out when the filament.
Third, gluing. Use the bamboo sheet will be prepared phosphoric acid - copper oxide inorganic glue evenly coated in the treated joint surface, and then the seat ring into the hole, and then in the joint seam to make up a layer of glue, with a small hammer around the seat ring gently tapping, so that the glue fully fill the gap. After baking with a blowtorch, avoid baking the surface of the glue directly with the flame, so as not to create pores in the glue layer and affect the strength of the glue joint; if there is no blowtorch, it can be solidified naturally at room temperature for 3~4h.