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Diesel generator set ventilation conditions and calculation of ventilation volume

June 28, 2022
Diesel generators generate a lot of heat during operation, so the units set up indoors must be well ventilated to dissipate heat. Diesel generators should be installed in well-ventilated, clean environment, and close to the main power equipment and distribution room.
Exhaust facilities should be set up in the engine room
Closed diesel generator set room generally does not require forced ventilation, can be exhausted to the outdoors through the fan with the unit, to promote air convection in the engine room. In the engine room of the open diesel generator set, a fan can be set to force ventilation when necessary. In the place far from the unit, use the fan and large diameter air inlet pipe to bring the outdoor air into the engine room. The outlet of the air inlet pipe should be as low as possible, so that the air introduced can sweep through the cooling part of the generator set. Exhaust fan should be installed in the high position, so that the high temperature updraft timely discharge outside.
Diesel generator room must have a sufficient amount of fresh air, otherwise the air with impurities will make the diesel generator set power down. Dust will destroy the insulation performance between the engine rotor, serious will burn the generator set. Well-ventilated, the moisture-proof performance is bound to be properly reduced. Overconsideration of dustproof will affect the ventilation of the generator room. The two seemingly contradictory aspects need to be calculated and coordinated by the generator room designer to achieve the optimal combination according to the actual situation.
Mechanical ventilation calculation
Calculate the required air flow according to the allowable temperature rise of the room:
Air flow = m3/min
TCR = total radiant heat (kWth)
W=air density at fan inlet (kg/m3)
RT=temperature rise(℃)
The overall heat radiation is the engine, AC motor and other heat sources of radiant heat combustion air flow requirements added to the above calculation
The space arrangement should be reasonable. The distance between the units and the outline of the units to the wall should meet the needs of handling equipment, in-place operation, maintenance and repair or arrangement of auxiliary equipment.
Configure fire extinguishing devices, safety is guaranteed: dry powder fire extinguishers. Including portable and cart type; dry powder automatic fire extinguishing device. Independent hanging can be, when no one is on duty, a fire can be automatically started to extinguish.
Do a good job of diesel generator room ventilation design, for the normal operation of the diesel generator set is very important, some users of the room is usually very little ventilation, some rooms simply ignore the usual ventilation design, which often leads to serious adverse consequences.