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Diesel generator water tank "boiling" and "turning water" is the same thing?

July 22, 2022
Diesel generators used in areas below 1500m above sea level, when the coolant temperature is as high as 110°C, if the expansion tank vent valve like boiling water emits a large amount of steam, touching the radiator or expansion tank with your hand feels very hot, commonly known as "open pot", is a symbol of extremely high temperature; and "Turning water" is a diesel generator radiator or expansion tank overflow steam, generally because the cylinder near the water jacket hole damage to the cylinder gasket, so that the combustion chamber and the waterway caused by overheating and diesel generator "open pot" from the phenomenon is very similar But they have the essence of the difference.
Diesel generator "open pot" cause.
1, the main reason for the diesel generator boiling is the external environment is too high, generally in the summer when using the unit as far as possible to choose a lower ambient temperature places, and good ventilation and cooling measures.
2, the cooling system in the diesel generator set in a bad state of circulation leads to poor heat dissipation, such as too much scale deposited in the radiator water jacket, so that the coolant circulation is not smooth, the fan belt tension is not enough, the waterway has scale flow is not enough.
3, the set of thermostat failure, so that the coolant can only take a small cycle and can not be a large cycle work and cause high temperature generator.
4, diesel generator set in the engine's own fuel system fuel supply time is not correct, the injection advance angle is too small, will also cause a sharp increase in coolant temperature and overheating.
5, the unit overload operation will also quickly heat up and boil, in the summer when using diesel generator set to properly reduce the work load on the unit is beneficial, winter has no effect.
6, the pump pump water is not enough, so that the coolant flow in the waterway is slow, heat can not be taken away in a timely manner, more prominent in the low-speed working conditions of the large load.
7, coolant ratio is not appropriate.
Diesel generator "turn over water" cause.
1, diesel generator cylinder head is not flat, cylinder head bolt tightening torque is not enough, or the use of bolts have extended deformation and failed to compress the cylinder gasket.
2, air compressor cylinder head exhaust chamber and the water jacket at the sand hole, corrosion holes, etc., will also make the compressed gas into the water jacket and produce "water".
3, in the case of high temperature, suddenly add cold water, so that the cylinder block or cylinder head of the waterway cold cracks, resulting in high pressure gas into the waterway.