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Do you know what is the principle of choosing lubricating oil viscosity for diesel generator sets?

June 14, 2022
The main function of lubricating oil for diesel generator set is to reduce friction and wear of moving parts, to clean and cool the friction surface, to improve the sealing performance of piston ring and cylinder wall, and to prevent rust. When users choose lubricating oil for diesel generator sets, the viscosity of the oil should be appropriate, so do you know what the principle of lubricating oil viscosity for diesel generator sets is?
The viscosity of the lubricating oil is the fluidity or consistency of the oil at a certain temperature, and is the most important property of the lubricating oil. The viscosity of the lubricating oil has a great influence on the working reliability and durability of the diesel engine. The diesel engine works normally. If the viscosity is too low, the oil pressure of the engine is low, and the oil film cannot be maintained in the parts that need to be lubricated, and the lubrication effect will be lost. In severe cases, accidents such as pulling cylinders, burning tiles, and holding shafts will cause high viscosity, difficulty in starting the engine from cold, and although the oil pressure is high, the flow is slow and cannot reach the lubricating parts quickly, so the wear increases. The principle of selecting the viscosity of lubricating oil is to "use low-viscosity lubricating oil as much as possible while ensuring that the diesel engine is in a state of liquid lubrication".
The viscosity of lubricating oil varies with temperature. When the temperature increases, the viscosity decreases. When the temperature decreases, the viscosity increases. The less the viscosity of the oil changes with temperature, the better. The choice of lubricating oil viscosity should take into account geographic and seasonal temperature changes. In northern my country, oil with lower viscosity is generally used, while in the south, oil with higher viscosity is used in summer, and oil with lower viscosity is used in winter.
In addition, the multi-grade viscosity is more superior than the single-grade viscosity lubricating oil, it can provide good low temperature starting, complete lubrication and high temperature tough oil film. In areas where the temperature varies greatly throughout the year, it is more beneficial to use multi-grade viscosity lubricating oil to improve the reliability and durability of the diesel engine. For example, in the area where the temperature is -10℃~40℃, you can choose 20W/40 oil. In the area of ​​20℃~40℃, you can choose 15W/40 oil or 10W/40 oil.
The following management matters should be paid attention to in the process of using lubricating oil for diesel generator sets
1. Oils of different manufacturers and brands are not allowed to be mixed.
2. When the diesel generator set is running, the oil level should be kept between the upper and lower scale lines of the oil dipstick. When the oil level is found to be too low, the oil should be replenished in time. The oil must be filtered before refueling.
3. The oil pan and lubricating oil circuit of the diesel generator set should be cleaned regularly. When the oil is drained, the engine should be warmed up, and the oil should be released while it is hot.
4. Before starting the diesel generator set, the oil should be pumped with the pre-supply pump, and the generator set can be started only after making sure that the oil has reached each lubrication point.
5. Regularly clean and maintain the oil filter and centrifugal filter according to the requirements of the maintenance and operation manual of the diesel generator set to ensure that the oil entering the main oil passage is clean.
6. When it is found that the oil is diluted or the water vapor escapes from the breath, it is necessary to stop the machine in time to find the cause. After the fault is eliminated, the oil can be replaced before restarting the machine.
Diesel generator sets play an important role in the enterprise. It is absolutely not allowed to fail to start normally at critical moments. Only by doing all the preparatory work in advance can the generator set perform in its best working state. In the preparation work, the first thing the user has to do is to select the lubricating oil correctly according to the above introduction.