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How to prevent the diesel generator set grounding irregularities?

July 27, 2022
Diesel generator is a kind of power supply equipment, since it is power supply equipment, then in use will produce voltage or current, so for safety reasons in the diesel generator wiring must let it grounded, but sometimes users will find that the unit has grounding irregularities, such as: generator neutral (work zero) is not directly connected to the grounding trunk, but through the generator foundation channel series connection, anti-loose parts are not Complete; generator body and mechanical parts and other metal objects are not reliably grounded.
The reason for this irregular wiring phenomenon is that the neutral wire of the diesel generator is connected in series through the generator base channel, which will lead to unreliable neutral grounding, resulting in abnormal power supply and safety hazards. Before the installation did not make a technical delivery; the main construction did not set aside grounding lead points, from other places to lead the grounding wire has difficulties, in the linkage switching cabinet grounding is not reliable. The generator body and mechanical parts and other metal objects are not reliably grounded, when the generator is running power supply, if a grounding fault occurs, the protection circuit does not operate normally, endangering personal safety. The following preventive and control measures should be taken in a timely manner.
1, before the installation of the generator, should be strengthened for the grounding system technical briefing.
2, the generator neutral wire (work zero) should be directly connected to the grounding trunk, should not be connected in series through the foundation channel, and anti-loosening parts should be complete.
3, the generator body and mechanical parts and other metal objects should be reliably grounded. Pay attention to the grounding connection should use soft connection, bolt connection must have anti-loosening measures to avoid the impact of the generator vibration part of the connection loose.
4, before the commissioning of the generator, should be installed by the generator grounding system self-test qualified, by the supervising engineer to check before commissioning.
Top Bo power reminds you: diesel generator grounding must be in accordance with the formal requirements to operate, so as to protect the use of diesel generators will not occur personal safety problems, diesel generator grounding requirements are as follows.
1, for personal safety, the generator and switchboard must be another ground wire, the ground area is not less than the output line cross-sectional area of the generator. Ground wire can be connected to the underground water pipe or buried deep underground on the steel plate to ensure good grounding, grounding resistance shall not be greater than 50 ohms.
2, the shell is a protective grounding line to prevent the shell from being charged, the neutral point of the line for the work in the line, for the 4-wire system in the line, the general requirements of large units grounding resistance is not greater than 4 ohms.
3, mobile generator work zero line if you do not need to connect, if you want to use it to the distribution box inside to protect the zero line in the generator near a stake on it.
4, regardless of single-phase generator or three-phase generator, for safety or to ground. Earth leakage protector will generally work, but there is a response time, so insurance or first grounding.
5, the ground junction is arranged at the end of the chassis of the diesel generator set, must be received at a suitable ground location.
6, alternator ground connection in the middle line is usually decided by the user installation, when the diesel generator set as the only power source, the middle line must be connected directly to the factory ground wire.