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Long-term neglect of maintenance of the backup diesel generator set will probably lead to the unit put bad

July 22, 2022
Most of the non-production enterprise type units after the purchase of diesel generator sets, are used as a backup power supply, so the daily may be in a long-term parked idle state, under normal circumstances, diesel generator sets are installed after adjusting to try to run normally, but if the lack of maintenance for a long time, the unit is likely to "put bad" In the need to use the unit can not start normally and other phenomena, so remind you that the standby emergency diesel generator set must pay more attention to the following components maintenance.
First, the maintenance of the starter battery
Whether the backup diesel generator set can start normally at critical times, the maintenance of the battery is the key. If the user neglects the maintenance of the battery, will lead to battery power shortage, resulting in the generator can not start normally, can not guarantee the automatic activation of the backup power within 30S, or cause other accidents.
Therefore, the top of the power recommended that users should often check the starter battery level, timely replenishment, to ensure the normal level of liquid; at the same time to keep the battery pack clean; found that the starter battery pack failure or other reasons can not normally start, stop the backup power, the need to replace the battery pack.
Second, the starter solenoid valve maintenance
Need to regularly check the surface of the starter solenoid valve whether there is oil, carefully check whether its contact ablation, so that the solenoid valve to maintain a good working condition. Can be judged by listening to the sound when starting, generally under normal circumstances, when the start button 3s after pressing, you can start. In the 3s can hear the "click, click" sound. If you can not hear the second sound, it means that the solenoid valve has been damaged, the generator can not start. The solenoid valve can be started after replacement.
Third, pay attention to check the diesel and oil
Because the diesel generator set in a long-term standby state, the unit itself a variety of materials and oil, cooling water, diesel, air and other complex chemical and physical changes, a long time may cause the high-pressure oil pump plunger rust, poor oil supply, of course, can not start normal operation. Therefore, the unit will be easily "put" bad.
As the saying goes, "raise soldiers for a thousand days, use soldiers for a moment", to standby diesel generator set in critical moments do not fall off the chain, the user should be in regular daily maintenance of the unit, check and start test, to ensure that the diesel generator set in good condition.