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Ten measures to keep your diesel genset at the ideal oil consumption

July 22, 2022
Diesel generator oil consumption, the normal standard is 2% to 3% of fuel consumption, however, for various reasons, users may find that the unit's oil consumption is sometimes higher, which will greatly increase the unit's cost of use, in order to improve the economy of diesel generator sets, users in the process of using diesel generator sets to try to reduce the consumption of oil, fuel saving measures, the following ten fuel saving measures Can make your diesel generator set to maintain the ideal oil consumption, quickly with the top Bo power to understand it.
1, choose the correct grade of pure engine oil
Diesel generator set should be in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations, according to the instructions to choose the right grade of oil, and to ensure that the oil is pure, if the oil added is too dirty, will speed up the wear and tear of the engine parts, but also make the oil in a short time to deteriorate and scrap.
2, do a good job of crankcase vent maintenance
Diesel generator crankcase fueling port cover has a small hole, the role of this vent is to make the crankcase and the atmosphere. When the diesel generator work, the gas at the top of the piston through the cylinder and piston, piston ring leakage between the crankcase so that the crankcase pressure increases. As often keep the air hole and the atmosphere, the pressure in the crankcase will not rise, leakage will be reduced, oil consumption will not be excessive.
3, to ensure the technical condition of the piston ring
Firstly, ensure the opening gap and side gap of the piston ring. Secondly, ensure that the oil ring and piston ring groove small oil hole is smooth. Piston ring is divided into compression ring and oil ring two, compression ring mainly play a sealing role; and oil ring scraping role, that is, the cylinder wall oil scraping down, through the oil ring in the oil hole, re-enter the crankcase, do not cause oil into the piston top combustion. Therefore, when maintaining the piston rod parts, we must pay attention to the oil ring oil hole, piston ring groove oil hole unobstructed.
4, the correct installation of piston rings
(1) chrome-plated compression ring to be installed in the first piston ring groove.
(2) with torque ring, its direction should not be installed in reverse.
(3) piston ring opening do not align with the combustion chamber, the opening of the upper and lower ring should be staggered.
(4) piston ring to be test-fitted in the ring groove, otherwise jamming will occur.
(5) formal installation, the piston, cylinder wall, piston ring to apply a thin layer of clean oil.
5, cylinder water-resistance ring do not leak
If the cylinder sleeve water barrier ring leaks, there will be a lot of hot water into the oil sump, so that the water barrier ring lose elasticity, aging deterioration. Prohibit the use of burrs, air holes, sand holes, cracks, etc. water resistance ring. When installed, the water blocking strike should be all into the slot, shall not be twisted, squeezed off, the position should be correct.
6, exhaust gas do not flee into the crankcase
A large amount of exhaust gas into the crankcase, will cause the crankcase pressure increases, so that oil leakage serious, contaminated oil. Therefore, the following points should be done.
(1) ensure that the piston ring opening clearance, side clearance.
2) Ensure the correct clearance of the valve stem and valve guide.
(3) often check the cylinder, piston, piston ring and other wear and tear, and replace immediately when exceeding the limit.
7、Oil pressure and temperature should be appropriate
Oil pressure is too high and too low, indicating a fault in the lubrication system, or crank rod system wear, or oil thinning, thickening, aging and deterioration, etc., so in the work should often check whether the oil pressure is normal. Oil temperature is too low, oil viscosity increases, affecting lubrication; oil temperature is too high, oil thinning, lubrication performance decline, so the diesel generator oil temperature must be between 70 ~ 85 ° C.
8, maintain a good oil filter
Good maintenance of the oil filter, you can ensure that the oil clean, so that the diesel generator parts get good lubrication. Maintenance of them must be on time, according to the number, according to operating procedures.
9, replace the oil, clean the oil passages, oil sump
The oil replacement cycle should be carried out according to the factory manual. Oil replacement must be cleaned and oil sump according to the regulations.
10、Prevent leakage
Oil leakage will not only directly increase the oil consumption, and will make the diesel generator dirty, should actively take measures to prevent oil leakage.
As a user of diesel generator set, the user as long as the above top ten measures strictly, will be able to control the consumption of oil in the ideal range, in the rising oil prices, reduce the consumption of oil, it can greatly increase the economy of diesel generator set.