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Several things must be paid attention to when using diesel generator sets in summer!

June 01, 2022
The peak electricity consumption in summer is coming as scheduled. Due to insufficient power supply in some areas, regional power cuts have even begun. At this time, diesel generator sets play a crucial role as backup power sources. At this time, generator manufacturers should remind users to use them in summer. There are several important points that must be paid attention to when using diesel generator sets.
Diesel generator sets
       The summer of 2021 is approaching, and the temperature is rising steadily. The hottest time of the year in my country is coming soon. Every household turns on the air conditioner to "continue life", and the peak electricity consumption is coming as scheduled. At this time, the diesel generator set plays a vital role as a backup power supply. At this time, the generator manufacturer should remind the majority of users that the following important matters must be paid attention to when using the diesel generator set in summer:
       1. Make sure that the diesel generator set is placed in a cool and dry place to work, and avoid exposure to sunlight. If the unit operates in a high temperature environment exposed to sunlight, it will soon enter a high-speed operation state, and the high temperature will reduce the efficiency and reliability of the diesel generator set, resulting in a series of failures.
       2. The climate is hot and humid in summer. Even if the diesel generator set does not work under the sun, in a cool and dry place, the normal ventilation and cooling of the generator room must be ensured, and the dust and dirt in the ventilation channel should be cleaned frequently.
       3. There is a lot of rain in summer, and it is also a period of high typhoon occurrence. Diesel generator sets cannot be exposed to rain and lightning. Diesel generator sets must be properly grounded for lightning protection and zero-connection work according to regulations. If the diesel generator set must be used outdoors, a rain-proof shed can be added to prevent the unit from entering the unit due to rain and lightning, causing damage to the unit.
       4. After the diesel generator set runs continuously for 5-6 hours, it should be shut down for half an hour to let the generator stop to cool down and rest for a while. Long-term high temperature and heavy load operation will damage the cylinder block and cause losses.
       5. After the diesel generator set stops working, the power supply of all kinds of mechanical equipment should be cut off to prevent all kinds of electric shock accidents.
       6. For a diesel generator set that has not been used for a long time, it should be started one or more times within the specified time, and stopped after running for a period of time, so as to ensure that there is no problem in operation in an emergency. If the diesel generator set is not started for a long time, it may cause the failure of the carbon brush or the loss of magnetism of the motor.