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Talk about the application of mobile trailer diesel generator set in urban flood control and drainage

July 22, 2022
Recently, with the continuous heavy rainfall, many places in southern China have occurred to varying degrees of flooding, flooding disasters, and heavy rainfall will inevitably cause damage to electrical facilities, diesel generator sets as the most mature backup power supply, can be used as the last insurance against disasters and power outages. In the practical application of urban flood control and drainage, mobile trailer type diesel generator sets are the most common.
Trailer type diesel generator set, also called mobile power station, usually with 2 or 4 wheels, high base can wade through water, and with a large capacity base fuel tank, multiple open air, etc.. Can be towed by a fire truck or general truck, with a handbrake and warning lights and other safety features, high protection level, mobile and flexible, easy to use, mainly used in power supply to drainage pumps and emergency lighting, etc. Trailer-mounted diesel generator sets compared with diesel water pump sets, not only can be used for large-scale drainage of low-lying urban areas similar to train culverts, more suitable for free and flexible arrangements of pump space in some urban Lane, low-lying urban village and other places are widely used, meanwhile, the arrangement of cable is easier than the arrangement of drainage pipe. In addition to driving the pump, the trailer diesel generator set can also drive high-power lighting in order to support the operation of drainage, but in the use of the process should still pay attention to the safety of electricity.
Trailer diesel generator set in the flood season as a professional emergency power supply for flood control and drainage, can well meet the needs of outdoor operations and urban flood control, municipal engineering and emergency drainage, top Bo power trailer diesel generator set can also be equipped with a static speaker, with a stable and reliable overall performance, - body operation, light and practical, fast response to drainage efficiency, a variety of functions and convenient combination, wide range of cost-effective. Wide range of uses and high cost performance. If you need, welcome to visit our company for consultation.