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The container diesel generator set in the application of some common problems analysis

July 13, 2022
In some renovation and reconstruction projects, the existing building planning cannot meet the requirements of ordinary open-frame generator sets: sometimes the ventilation area is not enough, sometimes the floor space is not enough. And because the container diesel generator set covers a small area, very much in line with the user's goal of minimizing the backup power plant room, and the container diesel generator set approval process is relatively simple, short installation cycle, short commissioning cycle, shortening the delivery cycle is to provide the best power solution for users, but the container diesel generator set in the application of some problems, this top Bo power will focus on the following issues for you Analysis of the following issues.
First, the oil supply system existing problems
At present, the commonly used oil supply system is the use of N + 1 large oil tank centralized oil supply, each diesel hair configuration independent daily fuel tank, oil tank to the unit's oil control using dual or loop redundancy design. In the actual application, many problems will arise.
1 ) Tank uplift caused by groundwater.
2 ) Breakage of the oil supply line due to ground subsidence.
3)Fracture of oil supply line due to heavy vehicle crushing
(4) Rainwater and groundwater intrusion into the oil supply system leads to system performance degradation.
The existence of these problems makes the operation and maintenance personnel very worried about the normal operation of the oil supply system. If the large tank system of centralized oil supply can be replaced by a distributed storage tank, the risk of single point failure of the centralized oil supply system can be reduced. North America is more popular container base large tank is a better solution. It can realize the complete independence of the oil supply system between the container diesel and hair.
Second, parallel switchgear system existing problems
At present, most of the container diesel system and the switchgear is separated from the arrangement, the distance between each other dozens, or even hundreds of meters. Each unit needs to have a cable output to the parallel room, and also needs to have multiple control cables for controlling the parallel switchgear and feedback the status of the switchgear. Due to the distance between the switchgear and the units, it is difficult to observe the status of the units and the switchgear at the same time during the test operation on the one hand; on the other hand, as multiple units are connected in parallel, many cables are laid over long distances, which not only increases the cable input, but also makes the cable damage easily, which makes the interface of the units more complicated and increases the difficulty of engineering construction.
If container type switchgear can be used near the diesel generator system to realize the parallel connection of units, it can not only reduce the number of cable inputs, but also save the civil construction investment of cable trench, and realize the simplest connection between standby diesel generator system and load distribution system.
III. Existing problems of layer steel platform
Steel platforms have greatly simplified the construction of data centers compared with server room facilities, but the design and construction of steel platforms still require the approval of government departments. Most of the steel platforms can place 2 layers of containerized Chai Fa, and individual projects build 3 or 4 layers of steel platforms to place the units due to the limitation of the site. Although land can be saved, but because of the high-powered container diesel engine single weight of about 35t, so for the design and construction of the steel platform will increase with the number of layers and put forward higher requirements, while the construction costs will also increase accordingly.
In addition, the multi-layer steel platform unit will also cause disadvantages for operation and maintenance. At present, the height difference of each layer of steel platform is about 6~7 meters, which will take more time and energy for O&M personnel to deal with problems in emergency, which is extremely unfavorable to solve problems quickly. If we can try to improve the power density of the unit area of container diesel and cancel the construction of steel platform, it will have very high practical value for solving the above problems.
Fourth, the environmental impact
Conventional container using the tail end of the front or both sides into the air, the front of the front exhaust air. As the exhaust air speed is relatively high (can reach 10m / s), the temperature is relatively high (in the high ambient temperature exhaust air temperature will reach 70 ~ 80 ° C), hot air level discharge for the environment and the impact between the unit is relatively large, so the need to have some of the following considerations.
1) There should be no green belts within 10 meters of the container exhaust, because the excessive temperature will damage these green plants.
2) Avoiding the discharge of hot air to roads and sidewalks to prevent injury to people.
3) Avoid causing heat return from other units, and need to do reasonable isolation of hot and cold channels.
V. Large differences in appearance size
The difference in appearance size of containerized diesel engine is relatively large. Take the spare 2000kW container Chai Fa as an example, the standard 40-foot container size is 12.2m×2.438m×2.6m or 12.2m×2.438m×2.89m (high container), and the actual project is diverse in container size.
The reason for such a large difference in size is mainly due to the following considerations.
(1) In order to obtain a relatively low noise level, it is necessary to lengthen the air inlet and exhaust channels , in order to reduce the noise emitted from the air inlet and exhaust channels; in order to improve the airflow organization to obtain a lower noise level will also raise the container.
(2) In order to install switchgear inside the box is also an important reason.
3) The need to increase the width of the container in order to obtain a larger maintenance space.
4) Transportation considerations.
(5) The site layout is limited.
The above is the top Bo power for you to collate the container diesel generator set in the application of some common problems analysis, the use of container diesel generator set although you can shorten the construction cycle, but because of the supporting oil system requires a lot of civil engineering implementation, so it brings more problems. Although the application of steel platform can save land and reduce the construction approval cycle, but it also causes a plutonium to the operation and maintenance management. In addition, the distance between diesel and parallel cabinets is generally far away, and the engineering interface is complicated. Therefore, users should choose the right type of diesel generator sets with the actual needs.