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What are the considerations for transporting large generator sets?

July 27, 2022
Notes on transportation of large generator sets.
Large diesel generator sets are generally lifted to the truck by forklift, the manufacturer uses the logistics of frequent cooperation, if there are their own door-to-door self-pick-up units of customer friends, you can first prepare the size and the load-bearing load enough truck. For some relatively remote, mountainous roads or areas that are difficult to access by large vehicles, it should be explained with the manufacturer in advance. If there is any abnormality or bump in the transportation, you should explain it to the manufacturer in time. The relevant logistics can check the logistics list number or consult the sales staff.
The specification size of the unit is relatively large, so pay attention to whether the length, width and height of the machine room space is suitable. In addition to leaving enough space for the unit, there should be more than one meter of space around the unit to facilitate the operation, inspection and maintenance of the unit at a later stage. The machine room should have enough ventilation and exhaust ports, and there should be no flammable and explosive materials nearby, and it is recommended that the machine room should be equipped with fire-fighting devices. If it is placed outdoors, it should be set up with a rain-proof shed, and lightning-prone areas should be protected from moisture and lightning. Because the weight of the unit is relatively large, more attention should be paid to the load-bearing situation of the foundation.