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What are the steps to remove the diesel generator oil seal?

April 20, 2022
After the diesel generator set has been installed and passed the inspection, after meeting the installation requirements, it must first go through procedures such as unsealing, running-in, commissioning inspection and debugging.
When the diesel generator leaves the factory, in order to prevent the external metal from rusting, the inside and outside of the diesel generator have been oil-sealed. Therefore, after the new unit has been installed and passed the inspection, it must be unsealed before it can be started after meeting the installation requirements. So how to remove the oil seal?
1. Heat the diesel oil to above 45℃~56℃ to wash and remove the external anti-rust oil.
2. Heat the water above 90°C, then pour in continuously from the water jacket outlet, and flow out from the water discharge switch (or the water inlet of the water pump) on the side of the cylinder block, continue for 2--3 hours, and rotate the crankshaft intermittently, Dissolve the anti-rust oil on the piston crown, cylinder liner surface and other places.
3. Clean the oil pan with clean diesel oil and replace with new oil. The cooling and fuel system, fuel injection speed control system, water pump, and starting transmission system should be cleaned and inspected according to the requirements of the manual, and sufficient clean cooling water should be added, sufficient starting battery, and preparations before starting.