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What are the maintenance contents of diesel generator sets

August 03, 2022
What are the maintenance contents of diesel generator sets?
1, pull out the dipstick, check the oil quality and oil level is in line with the requirements; otherwise replace the oil, or add oil. 2, check the water level in the expansion tank (or radiator), add cooling water or antifreeze if necessary. 3、Check the gas source pressure gauge to see if the pressure indication of the gas source meets the requirements of the unit. 4、Check whether the gas pipeline is leaking with the gas leak meter, and if it is found that the gas pipeline is leaking, troubleshoot the problem in time. 5、Check whether the connection of each part is firm, and if there is any loose phenomenon, it should be eliminated in time. 6、Check the power condition. 7、Listen to the sound of the engine, observe the exhaust smoke and breather, if there are abnormalities, find the cause and eliminate it. 8、Check and exclude engine leaks, oil leaks, gas leaks, keep the engine appearance and work environment clean and tidy. 9, observe and monitor the engine parameters indicated by the instrument, especially the oil pressure, oil temperature, cooling water temperature, cylinder temperature and exhaust temperature changes, make a good record of the engine operation, and analysis of the parameters, if abnormalities are found, should promptly find and remove the corresponding fault.
Generator maintenance and maintenance has been a big problem, many businesses are unable to do often to the generator maintenance and maintenance, whether before use, use or after use, but the generator is the need for regular maintenance and maintenance, otherwise it is easy to cause a lot of problems, to focus on the introduction of diesel generator set routine maintenance and maintenance.
1 diesel generator set maintenance plan
No. Check the maintenance parts maintenance name (including the use of material specifications) maintenance cycle
1.1 generator external clean wipe off the oil with a rag. Weekly
1.2 generator fuel, oil volume, cooling water storage 0 # diesel enough to run 24h, oil level near the dipstick (HI), not enough to add fill, check the water tank, not enough to fill (winter need to use antifreeze). 15 days
1.3 battery Review the battery voltage, test the battery fluid concentration with a hydrometer. 15 days
1.4 Oil filter Replace the oil filter. 200 running hours
1.5 Fuel filter Replace the fuel filter. 200 running hours
1.6 Cooling water Change the antifreeze. 200 running hours
1.7 Generator manufacturer's air filter Remove and blow clean, re-install after sun exposure. 200 running hours
1.8 Oil Replace the oil with the same type of oil. 200 running hours
1.9 Water tank water Replace water tank water. 200 running hours
1.10 Air filter Change the air filter. 500 operating hours
1.11 Circuit breaker, cable contact Remove the generator side panel, tighten the 4 fixing screws of the circuit breaker, and tighten the locking screws of the power output end and cable lugs of the diesel generator set brand. Annual maintenance
2 maintenance attention matters
2.1 The staff responsible for generator protection and maintenance, must carefully read the manufacturer's supply of "diesel generator insurance operation and maintenance manual" (manual), according to the relevant skills required for maintenance and repair work.
2.2 If the generator is parked for too long or moisture, the insulation resistance between the windings and to the ground should be measured, the insulation value should not be less than 1.5 MΩ. Be careful to remove the negative terminal of the battery for starting before measurement.
2.3 Depending on the site, from time to time to clean the generator windings on the accumulation of dust and grease, generator offer.
2.4 The generator should not be damp, the generator should avoid entering the metal debris, water vapor or other harmful gases. The generator operation, to ensure good ventilation, the generator outside the name should not have any cover, save to affect the ventilation and heat dissipation.
2.5 generator battery should be away from heat sources, charging and application should be kept ventilated
Regular maintenance of generators is a good way to extend the service life of generators to improve the efficiency of generators, generator maintenance methods, maintenance methods are also many, usually do not need to do all, can do one or two points on the good, but not the generator maintenance, which is a great harm to the generator.

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